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Umsra Mantra

I am finally able to recognize that the universe is inside me; ready to be awakened with my thoughts. Today I will unleash my fears and accept my passion.

“I am strong”

“I am powerful”

“I will conquer the world”

because my energy is influential.

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Why Choose Us?

Award Winning Brand

Our focus is not just fitness, it’s wellness

Online Live Group classes for 40 minutes

Group Fitness In- Class for 1 hour

1-on-1 classes

Unique workouts combining dance and fitness moves to challenge your body

Music is curated to maximize your energy and engagement while offering you a high intensity workout

Targeting mental health through meditation and spirituality

Motivational talks

what we offer

Umsra Fitness Classes

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Warm up

The warm up is designed to help build your heart rate up and get you energized for the class

  • The dance and workout routines are intentionally choreographed to trendy music from around the world.
  • Each combination focuses on your breathing to build your energy flow.


The cardio is going to be fast paced; this will challenge and improve your speed, stamina, and intensity!

  • Your body loves challenges
  • Are you ready to connect with self-love?
  • Our dance and workout combinations are creatively designed to make you glow with sweat
  •  This is the most intense part of the class

Muscular Endurance

The muscular endurance is all about strength training! If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you

  • Build muscular endurance using your body weight and free weights to tone specific musclegroups, allowing you to target key areas of your body
  • There are workouts for beginners, intermediate and advance levels

Cool Down

The cool down is to connect with your inner energy. It’s time to tap into yours!

  • The body is taken into a relaxation mode focusing on breathing and stretching
  • Affirmations that focus on self-love and meditation

Motivational Talk

Umsra offers motivational talks regarding self love and tips on connecting with your inner energy.

In the past, Arshiya Bhan has been a guest speaker at Tedx UTSC, and other entrepreneur events such as 6 initiative, and Diva’s world


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