Fitness is a Spiritual Practice
Our energy is influential

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About Umsra

By keeping spirituality as our main mission, Umsra combines fitness with unique dance styles to create a positive ambiance for all generations. Using our unconscious internal energy potentials, we can shape the world into a better place.

Join the family and let's get fit together!

Review From Kate

I Iove your classes! Music, cardio and dance. What's not to love? You bring an extra dose of energy and it keeps us motivated through out the class. Keep it up.

Review From Devaughnte

I loved this class! Being a guy, I can say, Arshiya really got me sweating. This class is for anyone!!! Come join Umsra. It's filled with positivity.

Review From Shivaani

I'm still sore even today but I definitely had a lot of fun! I don't sweat easily but you got me dripping buckets & I'm so glad! That was a much needed workout - creative, challenging enough & full of energy!

Review From Aparna

Arshiya is a fascinating dance instructor. It's unbelievable how time flies when she is in the room with her students. Arshiya showcases the true meaning of word fitness! I wish Arshiya all the very best.

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Weekly Class Locations


452 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1A1
Every Monday: 7 to 8 pm


Get Fit Toronto- 3021 Markham Rd Unit 53, Scarborough, ON M1X 1L8

Every Sunday: 12- 1pm

Have a Good Life membership? Let's get FIT together!

Good Life Fitness- 225 Select Avenue 

Every Saturday at 8:30 am

Recite Our Umsra Mantra

I am finally able to recognize that the universe is inside me;
ready to be awakened with my thoughts
Today I will unleash my fears and accept my passion

I am strong
I am powerful

And I will conquer the world, because my energy is influential

-Arshiya Bhan

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