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About Us


Symbol of Wellness

The word ‘Umsra’ was coined by our founder Arshiya Bhan. An arbitrary and imaginary word selected as the original name that symbolizes our all-in-one Wellness Brand of dance, fitness, and spirituality. By keeping Self-love as our main mission, Umsra offers fitness classes; self- love motivational talks and also does private bookings and collaborations based on your needs.

Our Founder

Arshiya Bhan

Arshiya Bhan is a Toronto based dancer, choreographer, and the founder of Umsra. With over 15 years of experience in dance and 3 years in fitness, Arshiya wanted to create a Wellness brand focusing on self love through the elements of dance, fitness and spirituality. Originally, Umsra was named as Belly AB Fitness, and though the name stuck to her, Arshiya wanted to create a unique word that described her vision more distinctly. The name change occurred during her phase of spiritual awakening. After battling anxiety and fear, Arshiya focused on all her level of consciousness through the practice of mediation, which helped her find her purest form, and connect her with her inner energy.

Our Founder

Arshiya Bhan

Through this spiritual journey, Arshiya knew her main purpose was to use her talent and her knowledge of Wellness to create a new form of spiritual practice. At the age of 16, Arshiya was selected as the top 7 dancers from Toronto for an international dance competition called “Just Dance”. Arshiya has performed at We Day, TIFF, IFFA Awards, and Toronto’s biggest food festival; Taste of India to name a few. Arshiya was also a guest speaker for TedX UTSC. Arshiya also had an article dedicated as an inspiration woman for the magazine, We are the City. Launched in 2008 in UK, their purpose is to support women around the world with their dreams.

Our Founder

Arshiya Bhan

Arshiya recently won an award under fitness and health category with Water Front awards as an outstanding woman 2019. Arshiya was also crowned as Miss India Worldwide Canada, second runner up this year and the best talent award. Apart from her passion for her brand, Arshiya also holds a B.A. degree in Fine Arts and Journalism and was also awarded the President’s Honour List designation at Seneca College for academic achievement in Early Childhood Education.  She also has a CanFit Pro certification as a Certified Fitness Instructor

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