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Define Umsra™

The word UMSRA was coined by our founder and is an arbitrary and imaginary word selected as the original brand name that symbolizes our all-in-one program with dance, fitness, spirituality, and meditation. We appeal to all generations who experience unity through three elements- Fitness, dance and spirituality. Our main colors are blue and green as they demonstrate harmony, growth, and stability.

About Umsra™

Umsra uses dance and fitness as a spiritual medium to help tap into our unconscious internal energy potential and develop our connection with self-love and our inner well-being. By keeping spirituality as our main mission, Umsra combines fitness with dance to create a positive ambiance for all generations. We believe everyone is born with a unique energy that can be a foundation for something essential for the world to witness. Using our unconscious internal energy potentials, we can shape the world into a better place. We would love for you to be part of Umsra. Join our family, and let’s get fit together! 

Benefit of joining the class

Burn over 400+ calories

  • Improve your cardiovascular capacity with a mixture of interval training , and energetic dance moves to Bollywood, Belly Dance, Bhangra, and Hip Hop

  • Reduce chronic pain

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Weight loss

  • Improve on muscle toning through structured workouts that strengthen bones, aid with better posture, control body fat, and decrease over all risk of injury

  • Improve on flexibility

  • Targets spirituality

  • No dance or fitness experience NEEDED

Why those specific dance styles?

Bollywood: Helps lubricate the joints and keep the body ready to move

Bhangra:  Improves over all cardiovascular functions

Bhangra:  This style has both aerobic and anaerobic health benefits

Belly Dance:  Helps decrease pain by strengthening the deep core muscles that cushion and support the spine, and strengthens back muscles

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